We are here to Help our Somali community

What We Do


Responsive and Accountability

We strive to understand and meet the changing requirements of our clients by treating them as valuable partners, listening to them and responding fairly.


Continuous Quality Improvement

We believe that continuous quality improvement can help us learn from experience, embrace change and achieve the full involvement of staff members in our quest for excellence



We believe that an organization must be financially viable in order to fulfill its mission. Therefore, we must evaluate the sustainability of our projects and programs to ensure their durability before any implementation.

Our “Whys”

People who are hurt need to know it is not their fault and it is ok to ask for help.

We should all feel safe and valued.

Knowledge is Powerful.

Children need positive role models.

Our Values


We believe that freedom from physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological harm is a basic human right of all individuals. We know that domestic violence, sexual assault, oppression